Murano Vintage Leucos Sconces

  • $3,450 USD
  • $2,580 USD

Circa: 1970

Height: 12.75"

Length: 13"

Depth: 6"

Reference Number: 418m-21C253

Sconces from Italy. This mid-century modern pair is made of textured and opalescent blown glass created by “La Murrina”, the iconic glass maker for Leucos. Leucos Lighting was founded by Eugenio Pamio in Scorze, Italy in 1962. Leucos is well known for their perfect artistic blend of old-world glass techniques meets modern engineering, which has made them a renowned leader of contemporary glass lighting designs. With a strong artistic focus and philosophy on value of design, Leucos’ offerings continue to mature emphasized by collaborations with distinguished international designers.

This pair has been newly wired to fit US standards.