"_cloud_ 23" by Sherwin Rivera Tibayan

  • $1,050 USD

Circa: 2018, 2019

Height: 21.25"

Length: 25.25"

Depth: 1.75"

Reference Number: 626-ST2
_cloud_ 23 by Sherwin Rivera Tibayan

Each piece is printed, signed and editioned (on back of print), and framed by the artist.
Limited edition of 5 prints, with 2 additional APs (Artist Proofs)
Each print is a 16”x20” image on 17”x22” paper
Each photograph is printed on Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag papers.

Sherwin Rivera Tibayan (Philippines, 1982) is an art photographer based in Austin, Texas, whose work explores how contemporary photography and technology both change and challenge our relationship to historic images. His projects have been exhibited nationally and internationally, with recognition from organizations such as Photolucida, the Magenta Foundation, and the Houston Center for Photography.

"_cloud_ is an ongoing series of black and white prints involving constructions made from close-up views of tangled headphone wires. This project began with the daily frustration of untangling my headphones in order to use them. I started to think of these knotted wires and the constant task of undoing them as stand-ins for the much larger and more numerous physical and psychological entanglements we have with technologies of leisure and convenience.

By moving so close to something so familiar, I wanted to find a way to transform the material nature of an everyday object—one that so publicly isolates and connects us—into an an updated Rorschach test of sorts, providing viewers with an unchanging visual space to cast the flux of their private imaginings, anxieties and pleasures."

Images courtesy of artist, © 2019