19Th Century Bronze Statue of Faun by Chiurazzi

  • SOLD

Circa: 1920

Height: 31.75"

Length: 13"

Depth: 12"

Reference Number: 627-23B95

19th Century bronze statue depicting a faun signed “Chiurazzi Napoli” from the Chiurazzi foundry. Raised on a base of 10” by 11.25”, the figure shows a man with horns and tail. This piece has wonderful intricate detail. 

Chiurazzi foundries were established by Gennaro Chiurazzi senior (1840), the Neapolitan famous sculptor who first conceived and put in practice the idea of copying the ancient works of art in their splendour, drawing his inspiration from Cellini's method. Continuing their father’s work, Federico and Salvatore Chiurazzi continued until the Second World War. During this time, they began the marble works, the monumental foundry, the ceramics, the traditional foundry, and the foundry for copying of classic works. Unique to their foundry, Chiurazzi were the official foundry for antique reproductions, growing their customer base worldwide. The skill and techniques used by the foundry are only acquired through passing down from one generation to the 11 next, from father to son as the work continues.