No. 8 Ok Lilly Brown by Ann Swingler

  • $16,000 USD

Circa: 2023

Height: 60"

Length: 60"

Depth: 2.25"

Reference Number: 625-AS04

#8 “ok lilly brown” by Austin based artist Ann Swingler. 

This piece is included in her VIGIL collection.

“This body of work emerged from decades of walking receptively; without agenda or expectation; foraging; gardening; and praying quietly. 

The beauty; awe; and wonder I see in nature encompasses life and death as holy; including all withered and battered states in between. I hope this work will support; in some way; all who give back to the earth and appreciate its preciousness; and hold vigil for its healing. 

These nine pieces incorporate mixed media collages and photographic encaustic work. My process begins by creating a small collage box from dried botanicals and layering them between glass. The boxes are photographed; enlarged; and then glued to wooden panels. The images are delicately embellished with color pencil and oil pastels before the final layer of encaustic wax.”