Murano Glass: A Thousand-Year-Old Love Affair

The story of Venetian glass is one of art history’s most fascinating tales. More than a thousand years old, it has captured the hearts of artists, royalty, noblemen, politicians, and entrepreneurs the world over. With epic accounts of obsession and passion, secrecy and intrigue, even betrayal, its story has grown to mythic proportions.

This mysterious art form has had to endure drastic extremes: racing to the top of its industry, dominating the post for centuries, then crumbling to near demise in the blink of an eye, enduring the pains of rejection, humiliation and defeat, then rising up again, almost by magic, finding the strength and the will to reclaim its rightful place in the universe (the glass universe, that is)...

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Murano Glass Green Lamps

$5,700 USD $4,275 USD

Murano Glass Bowls by Seguso

$3,200 USD $2,400 USD

Murano Glass Vintage Vases

$7,800 USD $5,850 USD

Murano Glass Pink Lamps

$5,800 USD $4,350 USD

Murano Glass Verbena Mirror

$18,500 USD $13,875 USD

Murano Glass Aqua Vase

$4,200 USD $3,150 USD

Red Murano Glass Bowl

$450 USD $338 USD

Murano Glass Blue Vase

$1,800 USD $1,350 USD

Teal Murano Glass Vase

$2,200 USD $1,650 USD

Pair of Murano Glass Bottles

$2,950 USD $2,213 USD