French Louis XVI "Trictrac" Table

  • $35,000 USD

Circa: 1790

Height: 29.88"

Length: 44.25"

Depth: 22.5"

Reference Number: 12-XX550

An 18th century Louis XVI period  French Mahogany Trictrac table with gilt brass trims throughout. This museum quality piece in the manner of Riesener (Marie Antoinette’s favorite ébéniste) has been fully restored and features two operable drawers and two fixed drawers below a felt lined surface on one side of the removable top and leather on the other. The top lifts to reveal a complete backgammon/trictrac board featuring rare ivory and tinted ivory inlays.

Trictrac is a table game, similar to Backgammon, with a history as far back as 1634 and strong affiliations to the royal court and aristocracy. With complex rules and particular combinations needed to score points, the similarities in navigating the complex politics of high society is reflected in the game play. Trictrac tables were not a luxury bestowed on the lower class. Resentment towards the ruling class often manifested itself by destroying this symbolic item of wealth during the French Revolution. Similar to the luck needed to win, it takes extraordinary luck to find a Trictrac table that has had the fortune of surviving and is in this beautiful condition.