Set of French Antique Biot Pots

  • $11,980 USD

Circa: 1800

Height: 28.5"

Diameter: 22"

Reference Number: 524-CT537c

These brawny Biot pots were built to last. Originally used to store cooking oil, the interior of the pots are glazed to keep unwelcome animal guests out. Today, the glazed edges now offer a tribute to the artisans who made something from the 18th century stand the test of time. The size of these pots commands attention, while sharing their place in the sun alongside your garden, pool, or conservatory. One pot (shown in the far left of the main image) has a large hole in the bottom as it was used in a garden. 

The hand-crafted pots differ in size, the listed measurements are for the largest of the four. Each pot can be purchased individually for $2995.