French Antique Sculpture Stands

  • $11,700 USD
  • $7,020 USD

Circa: 1900

Height: 60.75"

Diameter: 31"

Reference Number: 17D29
Striking set of three antique sculpture stands made of wood. All three came from a sculpture studio in Paris. Each has a square top where the pottery or sculpture would be placed, with a tripod base below. Two of these stands are adjustable. These tall pieces each have shelving below and mechanisms to turn the top piece in a circular motion. These are prefect for displaying art or plants and have a fantastic patina from age and use by artists. They make a strong visual statement! They are priced separately, at $3900 each. The largest stand's measurements are listed. It is 60.75" in height and 31" in diameter. The medium size stand is 54.5" in height and 31" in diameter. The smallest stand is 45.5" in height and 30" in diameter.