French Antique Sculpture Stands

  • $7,800 USD

Circa: 1900

Height: 60.75"

Diameter: 31"

Reference Number: 17D29
Striking pair of antique sculpture stands made of wood. Both came from a sculpture studio in Paris. Each has a square top where the pottery or sculpture would be placed, with a tripod base below. The stands are adjustable. These tall pieces each have shelving below and mechanisms to turn the top piece in a circular motion. These are prefect for displaying art or plants and have a fantastic patina from age and use by artists. They make a strong visual statement! They are priced separately, at $3900 each. The largest stand's measurements are listed. It is 60.75" in height and 31" in diameter. The medium size stand is 54.5" in height and 31" in diameter.